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Websites from as low as $550 with first months hosting FREE. Hosting Starter Package is $15.95 per month. Call 5941 2010 or email Sale is for a limited time only...


We now accept all major credit cards and debit cards

We’ve had PayPal as the only payment option at TN Designs & Hosting from the last 2 years. We’ve had a lot of requests to accept credit cards directly on the website rather than use PayPal.  I’m happy to announce that we now allow you to buy an upgrade by simply enterting your credit card detailsNow you can buy our ... Read More »


WordPress Login Bruteforce Attacks

In recent weeks, it has come to light that there is an ongoing, highly distributed effort to attackWordpress websites with poorly secured administrator passwords. This attack is highly organised, using over 90,000 IP addresses in an attempt to guess the administrator password for WordPress sites. We are aware of these efforts and are deploying a ... Read More »


WHMCS Version: 5.2.8 Out Now!

New WHMCS Version 5.2.8 is availiable to download now from our client area (must be logged in)

If you would like us to install it please contact us

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